Dan Fowlie E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

August 21, 2018

We’re very excited to announce that Dan Fowlie, Trineo Co-founder and COO, is a finalist for the 2018 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Dan is a steady force behind Trineo. His quiet presence belies an unlimited well of thoughts, projects, and products he’s incubating. Nicknamed “The Ideas Guy” in high school, Dan is wired to take risks, but unlike many entrepreneurs who take themselves and life very seriously, Dan’s love of ideas and possibilities has led him to have the best kind of fun as he sets high standards for himself and the company, and lives in accordance with his values -- work hard, and keep going.

A funny story about Dan

This story is a great illustration of Dan's independent thinking and love of ideas. An avid fan of cricket, as a teenager in the mid 90s, Dan used a school science project as an opportunity to wire cricket stumps with a circuit that lights up when the bails disconnect (as is standard today). After creating a VHS tape demonstrating his invention, Dan pitched it to the top cricket boards and television companies, only to be told it wasn’t practical to build, it wouldn’t work, and wasn’t part of the rules of the game. Of course, today, Dan’s invention is standard in ODI and T20 cricket; he was just ten years ahead of his time, and received no credit for this idea and innovation. His friends get a good chuckle out of the story. Rather than losing heart, Dan smiles and keeps thinking, and building. This quality – plus his insatiable curiosity and sense of playful adventure – makes Trineo the unique, growing, culturally phenomenal company it is today.

We’re thrilled that Dan is representing Trineo as an E&Y finalist, and Canterbury as a great place to balance entrepreneurship and technology. Thanks, Dan!