Trineo Becomes a Product Development Partner

Dan Fowlie February 4, 2015

One of the earliest projects that Trineo was involved in was building a prototype application for Predictive Response, an ISV based in Los Gatos, California. Over three years these prototypes turned into fully fledged applications on the Salesforce Appexchange. Today these applications can be found as CampaignFlow and InstantSend.

Product development is different from the consulting projects we do. A consulting project often works within very prescribed contraints of what the application will do. Even knowing what a consulting client uses as their standard browser can determine how you architect and design a solution. Product development deals with an end user you can never speak to, or interact with. They could use any browser and have other unique characteristics. The goal of the product is to have wide appeal to a large audience of potential customers.

We also focus on non-technical aspects associated with a product. How is the application going to be supported and marketed? How is the customer going to be billed? These considerations shape how the application is developed.

For most Salesforce apps the Appexchange provides a key marketing channel. Knowing the standards expected to pass the Appexchange Security Test helps us build in these requirements from day one and coach customers on what will be required of any inhouse applications that might be involved in an integration.

We are proud to now be recognised as a Salesforce Product Development Partner. This acknowledges not just our technical capability in developing a product solution, but also our experience and knowledge of the non-technical aspects of building a product.


Since those early beginnings, we’ve been involved in a number of Salesforce based product development projects, including our own product Dime. The biggest application we’ve built is for Aduro Advisors in San Francisco. This has been a multi-year effort to build a best of breed investment management platform. The team at Aduro are great to work with and It’s been a really fun application to be involved in.

“We have worked with Trineo since 2012 to build out our vision of what an investment management and communication platform should be. They have enabled us to scale our business tremendously by leveraging their ability to turn our concepts into what is now our core technology infrastructure.” - Braughm Ricke, CEO Aduro Advisors

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Dan Fowlie

Dan Fowlie

With more than a decade in the ecosystem, Dan lives and breathes Salesforce. He applies business acumen to client challenges to come up with solutions that extracts the most value out of the platform. Outside of work, Dan embraces "Kaizen" and likes to hack his day to day life as much as possible.