A Productive Week in San Francisco

Abhinav Keswani June 2, 2012

In mid November 2011, I got talking to Don Brown, Integration Architect at Atlassian. He's the brains behind the new Remote Apps offering by Atlassian - allowing SaaS developers like Trineo to build web apps that can integrate with the SaaS product offered by Atlassian.

What does this mean? It means that we can build web apps that integrate with insanely popular issue tracker JIRA and equally as well loved uber wiki Confluence.

After a few discussions, Trineo decided to sponsor the creation of an open source Ruby gem jira-ruby which allows Rubyists to easily integrate with the JIRA 5 REST API. Based on this, the Atlassians accepted my submission to present at their annual Summit conference in San Francisco.

While in San Francisco, I managed to squeeze in a productive few days with the gang at Heroku, and Salesforce. We've now lined up presentations at Cloudforce Sydney (more on this soon), and maintain our strong relationship with Heroku as a dev partner.

The Atlassian Summit was an excellent event. The highlight for me was seeing Michael Lopp of "Rands in Repose" fame present about communication cadence. Lopp's commentary on running software teams is invaluable to me.

My presentation went well apart from a few glitches with the projector. It was almost a full house, they were really engaged, asked lots of questions, hung around to ask more questions and I've never had my hand shaken by so many! The AV issues were annoying but we worked through them...

The gang at Atlassian did really well with their Summit. I anticipate that their Summit audience numbers will only grow over time. I enjoyed being there - great to meet their customers, and those in their commercial ecosystem.

Many Atlassians have suggested that Trineo gets heavily involved in the Remote Apps space - they know its an area we specialise in. We're keen. If you need to build an app that integrates with Atlassian OnDemand - drop us a line.

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

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